Kurt Heid

Photo of Kurt Heid

Kurt Heid, Owner of Heid Wild Game

I’ve been working in the meat business for greater than 30 years, beginning with my family’s meat business, which was recognized as the largest wild game processor in the State of Wisconsin.

Currently and along with my family, I run Heid Wild Game and process over 400 big game animals each year. I am also a master sausage maker and an authority on food preparation and preservation through curing and smoking.

My passions in life include my faith, family, hunting, fishing and anything outdoors.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning Mr. Kurt.
    Scot Mahan-Miller here, I saw you at one of the MN State Fairground gun shows. I missed your demo and was wondering if you will again be at a gun show in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, or some place where I can watch you cut up a deer (a little slower then 8 min) and ask questions as you go.

    Thank you for your time.

    Scot Mahan-Miller

    • Hello Scot,

      I am giving about 12 cutting seminars again in the winter of 2015. However, I am spreading out a bit farther than last year. 2014 was the first year that I went to sport shows exhibiting and giving demonstrations. I gave 24 seminars, about half of them ‘deer cutting’ and half of them ‘home sausage making’, and I stayed in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. However, this coming winter I will be attending shows with higher attendence and spreading a bit farther, and I will not be in MN this winter.

      I see you recently ordered a DVD, knife and hook from my website. Thank you! If you watch the DVD a couple times and practice on a deer or two I would be happy to work with you one on one this fall if you happen to be traveling throught Appleton, WI (15 miles south of Green Bay)and have time to stop by my shop. I cut 3-4 days per week and try to hunt 3-4 days per week. So you would have to email me a few days ahead and I would be happy to work with you for a half day as I’m cutting deer for customers.

      Last week I presented seminars at DEER FEST in West Bend WI, but here are the sport shows I will be attending this coming winter: January 30-Feb 1 DEER & TURKEY EXPO Louisville KY
      February 20-22 DEER & TURKEY EXPO Springfield IL
      March 13-15 DEER & TURKEY EXPO Columbus OH
      April 10-12 DEER & TURKEY EXPO Madison WI

      Thanks Scot and good luck hunting!

  2. Thank you very much for the offer of one on one teaching! I will take you up on the offer after I have gotten a couple of deer under my processing belt, I did get one last year but I feel bad that I did not do a very good job of cutting it up and not knowing what pieces of meat I was cutting, not knowing what should be put into the grinder for sausage or just ground meat … I want the family to like fresh game meat and having a bad experience is (in my option) the number one reason people don’t like it.

    sorry for not getting back to you sooner … and I received the DVD, knife and hook about a week ago and have watched the video a couple of times all ready, but yes, I do need to have a deer to have hands on at the same time the DVD is playing to make sure I’m getting the hang of it.

    So hopefully about this time next year I will be able to make a road trip to your place for fallow up learning.

    Scot Mahan-Miller

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